Całkowity koszt realizacji projektu: 7 574 888,00 PLN
Wartość dofinansowania: 799 152,07 EUR
Nr projektu NORW.19.01.01-22-0003/20
Operatorem Programu jest Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości

"Wspólnie działamy na rzecz Europy zielonej, konkurencyjnej i sprzyjającej integracji społecznej”

Signing of the co-financing agreement on December 7, 2021

On December 7, 2021, a co-financing agreement was signed for the project under the „Environmentally friendly technologies” scheme, the „Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation” program co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.
Agreement number: UWP-NORW.19.01.01-22-0003/20-00
Project title: „Implementation of innovations in the field of energy and fertilizer processing of sewage sludge and biodegradable waste, reducing the negative impact on the environment in a coastal tourist region” (project no. NORW.19.01.01-22-0003/20).

Study visit to Norway (Oslo)

On June 19-21, 2022, a study visit of employees of Spółka Wodna „Łeba” took place in Norway in order to familiarize themselves with the implementation of co-fermentation technology with biodegradable waste, fish, fats and catering – kitchen waste.
As part of the meeting, consultations took place in the following places:

biogas plant (Romerike biogas plant, Miljøparkvegen 105, 2160 Vormsund)
waste sorting plant (Haraldrud utsorteringsanlegg Brobekkveien 87, 0582 OSLO).
During consultations at the biogas plant, we were familiarized with the technology of fermentation of biodegradable waste (mainly kitchen waste). The issue of purity of introduced waste was raised, including, among others, packaging waste, impurities in the form of stones, glass, metals, plastics. During consultations at the waste sorting plant, thanks to a multimedia presentation, we were familiarized with waste management in Oslo (waste sorting plant, points for residents, composting plant, biogas plant, waste incineration plant).
The visit of the employees of Spółka Wodna „Łeba” together with the employees of the AQUATEAM COWI institute in Norway allowed for the exchange of experiences at their workplace, which will result in the implementation of our joint project.

Construction methane fermentation unit with emergency flare.

On June 20, 2022, the assembly of the methane fermentation unit with the emergency flare was completed. Fermenter tightness tests were carried out.
As a result of the operation of the methane fermentation unit, part of the thickened excess sludge (so far only composted) and co-substrates not used in the company so far, which, combined with the current composting plant for final digestate and biodegradable waste, will significantly increase the recycling of organic waste.
The investment will bring benefits for people and the environment. It will mainly contribute to better waste management, improve fertilizing properties, and reduce the odor nuisance of sewage sludge. In addition, it will contribute to reducing the pollution of sea and inland waters by improving the efficiency of the sewage treatment plant.

Modernization of the sewage sludge dewatering and hygienization building.

On June 8, 2022, the disassembly of devices and installations in the sludge dewatering and hygienization building was completed. Under the agreement with the General Contractor, the belt press was replaced with a decanter centrifuge. In the course of works, control cabinets and inverters, feed pump, polymer preparation and dosing station, flow meters and screw feeder were also replaced.
Replacing the device will reduce the amount of sewage sludge produced at the sewage treatment plant in Łeba by 30%. The new, modern device significantly improves the working conditions of the treatment plant staff. The device, despite its small size, has high efficiency combined with low energy consumption

Construction of a station for mechanical thickening of excess sludge with a thickened sludge pumping station.

On September 6, the assembly of the container excess sludge thickening station was completed. The construction of the facility consists of two insulated and heated prefabricated container modules.
A ready-made station for mechanical thickening of excess sludge, used to prepare sludge for methane fermentation, consists of, among others: from a MIDI drum thickener with a mixing valve, feed and evacuation pumps, polymer preparation and dosing station, macerator, power supply cabinet, piping and wiring.

Installation of a photovoltaic installation

As a result of the tender procedure placed in the Competitiveness Database on September 15, 2022, the assembly of a photovoltaic micro-installation with a capacity of up to 49.9 kW was completed by EKO – ON Krzysztof Gawrońki, Piotr Walczak based in Krakow. The installation consists of a system of 3 separate installations with 3 inverters (inverters) and a mounting system in the structure on the roofs of the sewage treatment plant buildings: sludge dewatering and hygienization building, blower building, control room building and electrical switchboard.

Construction and equipment of the Production Quality Control Department

As a result of the tender procedure, on March 1, 2022, Spółka Wodna „Łeba” signed an agreement for the adjustment and adaptation of the Production Quality Control Department with Uslugi Ogólnobudowlane Transport Mariusz Glezman. Under the contract, the Contractor performed i.a. installation of sliding doors, laying floor tiles, plastering and plastering on walls, painting walls and ceilings and laying floor panels.
As a result of another proceeding, on March 7, 2022, Spółka Wodna „Łeba” signed an agreement for the purchase and delivery of equipment, laboratory glassware, chemical reagents and equipment for the Production Control Quality Department.
A very important stage was the purchase on July 20, 2022 of an automatic analyzer called AMPTS II from Bioprocess Control for testing biogas profitability. This instrument is considered a standard method for estimating biomethane production, which will allow Spółka Wodna „Łeba” to perform the necessary tests of new waste streams.
As a result of all these orders, a complete Production Quality Control Department was created in Spółka Wodna „Łeba”. Therefore, in cooperation with the Norwegian partner AQUATEAM COWI AS, in August 2022, the first attempts to study the biogas efficiency of sewage sludge from the sewage treatment plant in Łeba on the AMPTS II device by Bioprocess Control began.

Miejscem realizacji projektu jest Spółka Wodna "Łeba" w Łebie przy ul. Wspólnej 1
Projekt realizowany jest w okresie od 01.12.2021 r. do 30.04.2024 r.
Wartość dofinansowania: 799 152,07 EUR
Całkowity koszt realizacji projektu: 7 574 888,00 PLN

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